For years, our graduates have transitioned successfully into public school. Successful Waldorf alumni are not just from the Squamish Waldorf School. They are global. Studies consistently show that Waldorf graduates have the ability to integrate thinking; to assimilate information as opposed to memorizing isolated facts; to be flexible, creative and willing to take intellectual risks; and are leaders with high ethical and moral standards who take initiative and are passionate to reach their goals. (source:


Mallory Woods

Mallory graduated from Howe Sound Secondary in 2016 and is now pursuing her BFA at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary with the goal of obtaining a doctorate in psychology to become a child-oriented art therapist. “The incredible amount of love and support I felt during my schooling strongly contributed to me being where I am today. I am in close contact with many of my elementary school teachers – they truly are in the most authentic sense of the word, teachers. They have been my mentors, my friends, my challengers, and my guardians. And they still are.”



Erika Yokouchi

“With subjects like math and letters, language arts – I still remember learning everything from Grade 1 and the stories that were brought with the math. Everything that was brought to me was never boring, or felt mandatory that I had to learn. It actually made me love school. I always looked forward to going to school, which I think is a rare thing to be able to say.”



Erik and Lukas Murphy

Fifteen-year-old Erik Murphy and his brother, Lukas had no problems making the transition to public school after graduating Squamish Waldorf School. Lukas achieved the principal’s list in Grade 7 with a straight-A average. Eric plays midget hockey and is in the hockey academy at Howe Sound Secondary. Last year, he maintained a 97 per cent grade average and received the principal’s award – an honour given to the top four of 600 students, and one the Murphys attributed to their time at Squamish Waldorf.

“Talk about guys being able to keep focus. They got that out of the Waldorf school as far as I’m concerned,” said Erik’s father, Perry, whose older boys did not attend Waldorf. “I’m in a position to compare, and I’m a firm believer that their focus was set at a younger age. I get kudos all the time from their teachers about these kids.”



Grant and Cayley Willcox

“Both children have adjusted with ease to their new schools and have missed nothing by being in the Waldorf system. In fact, both of our children recognize the benefits they derived from their Waldorf years – their approach to learning is curious, their desire to learn is inherent and their creativity is nurtured.”