Forms and Policies

Application Forms
All paperwork must be complete and an application fee of $55 paid in order to be processed. Applications for tuition assistance, if applicable, are due by April 15. SWS will accept applications at any time of the year; however, applications received after this date will only be considered if there is room. Review our Wait List Policy here.

Please download and print the appropriate form(s) and submit to:
Admissions, Squamish Waldorf School
PO Box 5356 / 38265 Westway Ave.
Squamish, BC V8B 0C2

Or email to

Preschool, Kindergarten & Grades
Application for Admission
School Walks/Emergency Contacts (double-sided)
Homeopathic/Privacy Consent (double-sided)
Legal Residency
Volunteer Opportunities (one per parent)
Conscientious Objector Form (if applicable – for the unvaccinated child)

*All forms must be included for an application to be processed and considered

Parent & Child
Parent & Child Application Form

Visiting Students
Parents with children visiting Squamish Waldorf School who will be participating in a class under teacher supervision must fill out one form for each child.
School Walks/Emergency Contacts

Tuition Assistance
Families applying for TA must fill out an application online through our third party reviewer, Apple Financial Services. A separate Family Information Form is required in addition to the online application. Please read the complete details on applying for assistance here.

Wait List Policy
Our Wait List Policy is written with the following considerations in mind: fair and timely assessment of applications, and creating healthy classes with a view to long term enrolment stability.

Withdrawal Policy
The financial contract for each year commences June 1, and enrolment is assumed to be continuous, unless written notice is given to the school. The first three months in which the student is enrolled is considered a probationary period. If the family decides to withdraw during this time, tuition will be payable to the last day in which the student is enroled. After the probationary period, we require two months’ written notice. If two months is not provided you are still responsible for paying two months of tuition.

Written notice of withdrawal for the following school year beginning in September is due June 1 to avoid any financial charges. If the child withdraws from school after June 1 and before September, two months tuition is required. This applies whether the student is withdrawn by parents or dismissed by the school. This requirement will be waived in the event the reason for withdrawal is of a confirmed medical nature.

Enrolment is for the entire academic year, or in the case of a student entering after the school year has begun, from the date of enrolment to the last day of the school year.