Our tuition assistance program attempts to make Waldorf education accessible to as many families as possible within budgetary resources. Based on the current year’s budget and the number of applicants, a budget is set aside that will go towards supporting families who would otherwise be financially unable to send their children to Squamish Waldorf School.

Tuition Assistance

Funding amounts are dependent on financial need. Families applying for TA must fill out an application online through our third party reviewer, Apple Financial Services. All information is treated with discretion and kept confidential.

The primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with the family. The expectation is that all parents will contribute honestly towards tuition and that both parents seek employment to defray costs if there are no children under school-age at home.

Recommended adjustment calculations are based on the Government Cost of Living Standards along with the number of children. This policy and process will provide the tuition assistance committee with clear guidelines to ensure that all applicants have an equal opportunity to receive financial assistance. Selection and configuration of the tuition assistance committee. The tuition assistance committee is mandated by the board of directors. Members are required to keep all personal information in strictest confidence.

Who should apply for TA

  • Families who do not have the economic means to pay the full contract amount for their children;
  • Families who encounter unexpected financial hardship during the school year.


  • All school-age children are eligible. This age is determined by the Ministry of Education. Children who turn five by December 31 of the year they enter kindergarten and older may be considered.
  • Families whose account is in good standing. This means that all contracts for the current and any previous year have been paid in full or will be done so according to the contract payment schedule, or current approved alternate payment plan.
  • Families who encounter an unexpected financial hardship during the year.

Application Analysis

  • A third party will perform an independent assessment of the application and provide a report to the TA committee.
  • The net worth of the family will be considered in the awarding of TA.
  • Business assets will be included in calculating net worth.
  • All sources of income must be declared.
  • The TA committee will review the results.


  • The annual deadline is April 15.
  • Returning families will be notified of the deadline with their contract package.
  • Submission deadlines for applications will be strictly adhered to. TA will not be available to late applicants.
  • New families wishing to apply should contact the Admissions Office.

Tuition Assistance Application Process
Be sure to begin the process well in advance of the deadline. Please contact the school office if assistance is needed. There is a $100 application fee which will be credited to tuition in the upcoming year.* A separate family information form, also available at the CVWS school office, is required in addition to the online application.

  1. Visit applefinancialservices.ca
  2. Create a Parent Account Registration where you will be asked to provide your email address and a password.
  3. A verification message stating, “account set up” will be sent to the email address you provide.
  4. Once you have verified your account, you will be able to open the online registration form.
  5. Complete the form and at the end, requests will appear for the uploading of tax information, such as your T4, current year’s pay statements, etc. The school office is able to scan documents upon request. (If you have difficulty uploading this information, you can mark the information “to be mailed in.”)
  6. Once all your information is uploaded the payment section will appear where you can pay the application fee of $100.00 by credit card or debit.*
  7. Complete the separate family information form and submit it to the business administrator, care of the school office.
  8. A financial analysis, followed by a recommendation, is sent from Apple Financial to the TA committee.
  9. The TA committee reviews the results in the context of both the applicant’s full financial and family picture and the school’s available TA budget. The committee then makes a decision regarding the assistance.
  10. The business administrator will inform applicants of the committee’s decision in a follow up appointment.
  11. The adjusted tuition is paid over 12 months with the first tuition payment due June 2 and the final payment May 2 of the following year.

* If the $100 application fee is a barrier to applying, please contact our office.