Tuition and Fee Schedule

Fees for the upcoming school year will be deducted on the second day of each month, beginning June 2. Upon acceptance of your child’s enrolment, you agree to pay for the entire year, regardless of attendance.




Annual Tuition


Morning Preschool Mon/Tues (9–noon)


Morning Preschool Wed/Thurs (9–noon)


Full-day Program for Preschool–Age Children
$3,600 (Mon/Tues)


Full-day Program for Preschool–Age Children
$3,800 (Wed/Thurs)


Kindergarten 5 Half Days


Full Day Kindergarten





Parent & Child
Fees are $20 per class, the number of classes per session varies on the time of year. This price includes organic snacks and crafting materials.

International Students
The yearly fee for international students at Squamish Waldorf School is $13,000, which is in keeping with what the local public school district (District 48) charges. Please contact us for details. 

Deposit and Payment Details
The financial contract for the 2017/187 school year commences June 1, 2017. The first monthly payment is a non refundable tuition deposit that will be applied to the year’s tuition. Please complete the direct debit form along with the financial contract in order to secure your child’s enrolment for the upcoming year.

Tuition Assistance
Each family brings unique and important gifts to our community, and our goal is to welcome all families who are genuinely interested in Waldorf education, regardless of ability to pay. To that end, Squamish Waldorf School offers tuition assistance (TA). Amounts will vary based on need. Please see our Tuition Assistance page for complete information.

Other Fees
Annual Supplies – The annual supply fee is due the first day of class and is non-refundable. This covers all classroom supplies.


Half Day Kindergarten




Full Day Kindergarten









Please note: musical instruments and field trips are extra

Society Membership
Families are welcome to join the Squamish Waldorf School Association, which is the legal body that governs the school. The cost is $1.

Benefits & Incentives

Sibling Benefit
A sibling benefit is offered to families with more than one student in the school.

2nd Child       15%
3rd Child        50%
4th +             75%

Early Payment Incentive
Tuition will be discounted 5% when the entire yearly tuition fees are paid in full (all children in one family) no later than June 1, 2017. This discount is not available to families receiving tuition adjustment.