Testimonials are the highest form of endorsement we could receive. Below is a sample of first-hand experiences from our students, parents and school community.

“Working with the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students at the Squamish Waldorf School is a privilege. They continue to surprise me with their curiosity, their ability to learn new skills very quickly, and their strength of character. I would strongly recommend SWS to anybody looking for a nurturing and challenging environment for their children.”
Spring Burke, violin teacher 2015–present

“My favourite thing about Squamish Waldorf School is that it preserves my children’s childhood. It gives them a longer chance of living in that childhood life and not pushing forward into the teenage years prematurely – because that will come soon enough.”
Elise Kelly, parent of three (2007–present)

“I have seen how the school helps instil self-confidence, empathy for others and, as importantly, a love of learning which I know will stay with Ellie – and the other students of this dynamic school – for a lifetime. This is a holistic approach to education that no other pedagogy embodies and it is in perfect alignment with our family values. It has also made me reflect on what I can do to contribute to the school’s place in our community and in the world.”
Adam Greenberg, parent

“The Squamish Waldorf School has shaped my life in more ways than I can ever hope to relate. Their teachings instilled in me not only respect for differences and diversity, but a love of the natural world and a desire for kindness. Now, with a wide variety of friends, I am able to see how influential this school really was in creating the person I am today. Without this school, I am confident that I would not know the importance of working with others and resolving conflict, but also how to identify constructive conflict and ensure my life is filled with adventure. My experience in this school will continue to shape my life as I continue my education with a passion – a passion that was encouraged in my through the emphasis the teachers and staff have on the joys of learning.”
Savannah Watt, SWS alumnus 2002–2012

“It’s amazing being at this school because we learn so much about biomes, mythology, animals and much more. I love doing painting wet on wet its just amazing how much colours and forms it can create. And the mythologies are so interesting. I especially liked Greek mythology and history.

All the drawing we do is just awesome, and I can’t wait for astronomy. The animal projects we did were so much fun. And all the camping trips, hikes, and walks and always stories. And even the fights, injuries and arguments are always something we laugh at in the future. The grades go from one all the way to grade eight and there is also preschool and kindergarten. When I came to SWS I was pretty shy, didn’t know everybody and I was only eight. But I adjusted quickly and had lots of friends.”
Azul, student

“I feel strongly that their experience at Squamish Waldorf has prepared them well not just for secondary education but for life.”
Heather Adamson, mother of two Squamish Waldorf grads

“My husband and I have no doubts that both our children will contribute to society in meaningful ways and help to make the world a better place – they are happy, well-adjusted kids with a love of learning. Their years at Waldorf have been a blessing for which we will always be thankful.”
Jacki Wilcox, mother of two Squamish Waldorf grads

“Squamish Waldorf School offers children an expansive education. Its committed teachers, staff, and parents create a vibrant and welcoming place to learn. We feel lucky that we are able to send our daughter to SWS. She loves the excitement, warmth, and creativity. We love that we see the nourishment of her mind and heart. We give to the school to promote the kind of learning that enlarges human lives. We give to the school to support the physical space and enrich the learning environment. And we give to the school to help other children, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, experience the wonder and glory of learning.”
Maren and Jim Cohn, parents

“Only my husband Joshua and I can completely understand the transformation that has occurred over this past year since sending our oldest son, now five, to Squamish Waldorf School. It is so much more radical than we ever could imagine. We expected it to take years before he would reach this level of confidence and security. Now his funny and mischievous spark has leapt to the foreground. And his little brother? At three years old, we can also say that the changes in him are truly astounding. We marvel at him daily, and attribute much to the love he shares with his preschool teacher and friends.”
Kristi Hansen, parent

“Children need to learn to contemplate thoroughly, to boldly speak from their hearts and work hard for what they believe in – now more than ever. In short, the world needs more Waldorf.”
Mallory Woods, Squamish Waldorf alumnus

“The thing that I really love about the overall education of Squamish Waldorf School is the emphasis on more than just academics, but the emphasis on the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual capacities of the children and the ability for the curriculum to really nourish those and really maintain a strong sense of humanity and social consciousness within our children.”
Natasha Heslop, parent 2010–2016

“The Squamish Waldorf staff is friendly and outgoing and the building is more home-like and far less institutional … all positive influences. With smaller class sizes and closer supervision and encouragement, my granddaughter is opening up socially and intellectually. She is forming closer friendships with students and staff. She is exploring her potential through a wide variety of new activities and challenges. She is excited about each day and tells us her achievements. She is more consistent, more pleasant to be around, and happier than I ever saw her before. I am very happy that my daughter chose SWS and look forward to continued progress, as her new school is now an active partner in her development.”
Ann J. Hendy, grandparent

“In the four short years that I attended SWS I learned more than I ever would have had I stayed in the public school system. For the most part, we learned the same subjects, but it was the way and depth in which they were taught that really made the learning. Assignments were never boring or arduous, instead they were interesting and relevant. Whenever we started a new subject, there was always a hands-on aspect, be it a written project, building something to help us visualize, or excursions outdoors to come face to face with what we were studying. This, for me in particular, was very important, as I have a hard time learning from simply reading and listening. The memories I recall most are those of the trips we took with our graduating teacher. He instilled a wonder for the universe in our astronomy block, and on our class trip we all lay together one night and starred up at the stars, mesmerized.  Squamish Waldorf School became my family… and it instilled a love for life and nature that has stuck with me. I now see myself in a career protecting the environment and life.”
Micah St-Denis, SWS alumnus 2007–2012